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Women move forward: learn how to network and give your career a boost.

By 24 oktober, 2018No Comments

Lean In the Netherlands chapter is all about empowering women to move forward. La Red is pleased to partner and facilitate the capability meeting of the 1st of November on Authentic Networking: Social capital, use the abundance at hand.

According the McKinsey “Women at the workplace” Study one of the reasons for gender inequality is that “Women do not have the same type of professional network as men, which may result in different levels of support“: While women tend to believe that the quality of their work is the only factor to be offered opportunities of advancement, reality is that results alone don’t seem to “do the magic” and that the right level of support and sponsorship is often needed to get there.

Ing. A.M.S. Miriam Notten, founder of La Red will lead you over the fast lane of network science. 6 degrees of separation, 3 degrees of contagion and what interlocking directorates and the right hobbies might do for your career. She will give you a sneak peek on the case of Women on boards in the Netherlands and the way their networks hinder them (and what to do to avoid obstacles on your path).

You will work the network by using the La Red At Work method (so think about what you need beforehand). Expect a bit of knowledge, a bit of practise and an enormous abundance at hand.

That’s Miriam’s promise to you.

Miriam is both an entrepreneur as well as a specialist. She’s a much in demand speaker on social

capital and does well in a classroom as well. She teaches both in the Netherlands as well as abroad. Both MBA students as well as vocational students appreciate her down-to-earth way of teaching. With some humour and a generous smile she opens up hearts and gets people activated.

A Lean In NL event you won’n want to miss!

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